Strait of Gibraltar Whale Observation

(Shared Group Experience)

Join us to experience a whale observation tour on board the world’s first electric whale watching catamaran.

Our eco whale watching tours head out into the Strait of Gibraltar, home to a wide range of cetaceans. Fin whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and striped dolphins live in these waters, and orcas are spotted in the summer months (June-September).

Our 12-metre long catamaran comfortably accommodates 8 passengers. The WeWhale philosophy is to have smaller trip sizes, making for a more personalised and comfortable experience. Catamarans are lower to the water than other types of boats, meaning whales and dolphins can be seen more clearly but without encroaching on their space.

WeWhale trips are helmed by knowledgeable and experienced crew and are 100% silent and 100% emission-free.

Age range for tour: 15 years and +

Price: 150 Eur

Did You Know?

Booking a WeWhale whale observation experience directly contributes to whale protection. Together within WeWhale (HQ and local operators), we donate 7.5% from the net revenue (experiences) to the work undertaken by our sister organisation, WeWhale Association.

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Our team on board

Janek Andre

Tadeo Fittipaldi