Three-Day Cross-Continent Explorer

(Shared Group Experience)

Experience a three-day explorer catamaran tour combining the best of orca watching in the Strait of Gibraltar with a relaxing cultural experience and stay in Asilah, Morocco.

Our trip begins in Barbate/Cádiz on the morning of Day 1 on our fully electric and noise free 12-metre-long catamaran. We head out into waters where we look for the population of the Iberian orca whale in the Strait of Gibraltar and in front of Tangier. Using our hydrophone, we will also try to listen to the orca pods.

Apart from the pure whale investigation, we will inform you about the history and importance of the Iberian orca in the Strait of Gibraltar waters, which dates back to the time of the Phoenicians.

After we have crossed the Strait and docked in Tangier (Morocco), we spend time in the old town/Medina before making our way to the beautiful BERBARI Maison d’hôtes and Restaurant in Asilah which is our home for two nights. The ecological guest house has a welcoming natural setting, including a garden and a terrace with panoramic views of the countryside.

Day 2 is spent visiting the historic and artistic town of Asilah (guided visits can be arranged as an optional extra). It’s a day to plan for yourself, so you may want to also spend time relaxing at the guest house or doing whatever else feels best for you.

The next morning, we travel back to the port of Tangier and sail to Spain, taking some time once again to look and listen to orcas and other whale species such as pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. We arrive back in Barbate at c. 6pm on Day 3.

This is a unique trip combining investigation of one of the most majestic animals on planet earth, feeling the connection of two seas (the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea) and two different continents (Europe and Africa), and experiencing the beauty of the Moroccan culture.

Age range for tour: 15 years and +

Price: 890 Eur

The three-day trip includes:

  • Orca observation on our silent and emission-free catamaran with hydrophone and 360 degree camara on board from Barbate to Tangier with max. 8 guests
  • Check-in and Immigration at the port of Tangier
  • Transfer from the port of Tangier to downtown Tangier to visit the old town/Medina (luggage will be safely kept for you)
  • Return transfer to BERBARI Maison d’hôtes and Restaurant in Asilah
  • Two-night stay at BERBARI Maison d’hôtes and Restaurant including a fresh breakfast on mornings of Day 2 and Day 3 (typical Moroccan dinner can be arranged)
  • Check-out at the port of Tangier
  • Orca and other marine mammal species investigation with hydrophone back from Tangier to Barbate
  • Meeting point at the day of departure: Sports port of Barbate (cars and vehicles can be easily parked at the port at no cost)
  • Food and organic drinks are included on sailing trips

Max. capacity per trip: 8 persons (optionable to make a closed/private booking – please contact us via e-mail, phone or WhatsApp for availability and price)

Did you know?

Booking a WeWhale whale observation experience directly contributes to whale protection. Together within WeWhale (HQ and local operators), we donate 7.5% from the net revenue (experiences) to the work undertaken by our sister organisation, WeWhale Association.

Still got questions? You might just find the answer in our FAQ or just write us an WhatsApp or call us at +34 674 030 974.

Our team on board

Janek Andre

Tadeo Fittipaldi