Become a WeWhale Partner

We’re building a network of WeWhale partners who have a shared vision of the future of whale watching, creating awareness of the topic and helping to protect the future of our ocean’s whales and dolphins.

We believe whale watching is key to creating awareness for cetaceans and, as a result, mobilising people towards protection activities.

And we believe in eco whale watching. Free of noise, pollution and contamination. We plan to build the first global whale watching fleet which is totally emission free and uses the latest technologies of electrical, solar and wind powered engine systems.

We’re looking for partners in every part of the world where awareness for whales can be created.

How does it work?

You may be an existing whale watching operator and would like to upgrade your ship so that it’s more environmentally sustainable, more whale friendly and so you can give your clients a silent experience.

We can talk to you about options for retrofitting your existing vehicle, as part of the agreement to become a WeWhale partner.

Or you may be a skipper or captain who wants to set up your own business but don’t have a boat yet and would like to become a partner? That’s also an option and we can advise you on next steps.

Or you don’t have any maritime experience but you are interested in joining WeWhale with your own ship? We are happy to talk with you about a complete managed solution.

Did You Know?

WeWhale partners benefit from being part of the umbrella organisation – organising everything from ship sourcing, financing and retrofit, branding to sales and marketing.

We feature all tours and ticket reservations on our website and in our marketing, including reservation handling for you. Leaving you with more time to focus on the whale watching tours themselves.

Get in touch

Interested in coming on board?

We’d be delighted to chat to you more about how WeWhale partner systems work and answer any questions. Drop us an email to or call/Whatsapp +34 674 030 974.