WeWhale Association

WeWhale Association was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Janek Andre with the mission of creating awareness and protection for the cetaceans of our world.

The Association of WeWhale actively identifies and prosecutes wildlife crimes involving whales and dolphins while participating in both global and local conservation initiatives

The focus lies on the following projects and missions:

  • End Irresponsible Whale and Dolphin Watching Practices
  • Stop Whaling
  • End Captivity
  • End Ship Strikes and Animal Injuries

You can find out more about WeWhale Association by visiting its dedicated website.

Further, we currently run a campaign to save the Iberian Orca, a subpopulation of Orcas (Orcinus orca), which is critically endangered according to the IUCN Red List (only approx. 35-40 individuals are left).

As the Iberian Orca is already facing many challenges such as maritime traffic, noise pollution, chemical pollution, industrial & military effluents, now they also face aggressions and attacks from recreational boaters.

In order to safeguard this endangered subspecies, we are deploying a surveillance boat and team to ensure that no harm is done to those animals.  Should any person attack them, legal action will be pursued against these people.

You can find out more about this specific campaign under www.save-the-iberian-orca.org

The WeWhale Association is a nonprofit organisation.