WeWhale Association

WeWhale Association was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur Janek Andre with the mission of creating awareness and protection for the cetaceans of our world.

More than 300,000 whales die each year due to commercial vessel activities (with a large part of this due to ship strikes).

WeWhale Association is creating with WhaleSpot.io, a tracking system to capture whale and vessel routes in order to avoid cetacean deaths by collision.

It also encourages awareness of a electric only boat strategy for whale watching. This involves replacing fuel powered vessels with silent and emission-free electric or hybrid boats (using wind/solar energy in combination with electric propulsion).

And finally, WeWhale Association is engaged in a ‘FreetheTanks’ initiative to support the release of all captured cetaceans back to nature through sanctuary projects. More than 2,350 whales and dolphins are held in captivity today. Life in a tank is so far removed from a cetacean’s natural environment. The effect this has on their mental and physical state is nothing less than cruel and torturous.

You can find out more about WeWhale Association by visiting its dedicated website.