Dive into the world of whales & dolphins

No noise, no contamination, small groups – join us for truly responsible whale observation experiences on our silent and hydrophone equipped boats.

Shared Group Experiences

Join us on one of our eco-friendly boats to participate in a silent and emission-free whale observation experience. You will be part of a small group of max. 12 persons to understand, learn and experience whales in a unique way. A hydrophone and 360 degree camera are on board all of our boats, providing the maximum sensations possible of these majestic animals.

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Private Experiences

Our private experiences offer closed booking for groups of friends and family, with a max 8-12 persons, depending on the experience. You’ll board one of our eco-friendly boats to experience a silent and emission-free whale observation experience in a unique way, with a hydrophone and 360 degree camera on board to give you maximum sensations during your trip. 

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Our Mission

To make the world a noise and emissionfree whale and dolphin watching place, where animals can thrive, and humans can learn. 

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Whale and Dolphin Protection

CO2 neutral boats

Our whale and dolphin watching vessels are catamarans and monohulls supported by electric engines and re-designed in a way to avoid any pollution in terms of chemical and plastic pollution.

No noise or water pollution

A silent whale watching experience is beneficial to whales and dolphins who are highly sensitive to noise. It’s also a calm, enriching experience for human observers. And our eco-friendly vessels produce zero water pollutants.

No endangerment of animals

We observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Making sure not to encroach on their space or to interfere with their behaviour, including the ability to feed, rest and rear their young.

Meet Our Team

The WeWhale team is passionate about whales and dolphins and the protection of these majestic animals. We lead by example in arranging truly responsible experiences that directly contribute to long-term cetacean conservation.

Janek Andre

Founder & CEO

Lisa Jewell

Communications Manager

Tadeo Fittipaldi

Project Manager (Nautical Operations)


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WeWhale is building a network of partners, with a shared vision of responsible whale watching. Helping to protect the future of our ocean’s whales and dolphins.

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