WeWhale encourages society to engage with whales and dolphins by offering whale observation experiences which directly contribute to cetacean protection.

“Whales and dolphins are spiritual and highly intelligent beings, and we have a responsibility to care for them.
As platform connecting cetaceans with humans, we have responsibility at the very core of everything we do.
Responsibility means – no matter what – integrity with the ocean.”

-WeWhale’s Founder Janek Andre

WeWhale was created by Janek Andre to build the first noise and emission-free whale and dolphin watching fleet worldwide.  

Our model is based on the deep belief that whale watching and observation serves to create awareness for cetaceans among the public. However, we believe whale and dolphin watching cannot be done with ferry-like ships, diesel or fuel engines.  

The only way to offer animal and eco-friendly observation tours is to go a step further and remodel vessels to become silent and CO2 neutral boats. As a consequence, animals are not disturbed by noise pollution, lubricants don’t contaminate the ocean and people don’t experience seasickness because of exhaust smells and engine noise.  

Our team is motivated to bring the world of whales and dolphins and the beauty of the ocean closer to human understanding, taking our guests out to sea, in small groups, and explaining about the ocean and the importance of its habitants.  

Every booked experience reserved by our guests directly helps to fund non-profit related protection projects, as a proportion of our profits is distributed to the work undertaken by our sister organisation, WeWhale Association. 

Our Mission

To make the world a noise and emissionfree whale and dolphin watching place, where animals can thrive, and humans can learn. 

Our Vision

An ocean free of noise and environmental pollution, and free of harm to cetaceans, establishing WeWhale to be a leading player in the shift to a sustainable blue economy.

Our Charter

Our organisation is guided by the below charter to ensure full integrity with the ocean and its majestic habitants: 

  1. Noise and emission-free propulsion technologies (wind, green electricity, green hydrogen, sun) 
  2. Silent experiences – no noise that disturbs cetaceans and humans. 
  3. Causing no harm or danger to animals 
  4. Small tour groups 
  5. Providing marine biology information and cetacean insights to our tour guests, and to the wider public
  6. No marine rubbish 
  7. Local and coastal community support  
  8. Contribution to science and education 
  9. Team integrity 
  10. Certification 

Meet Our Team

Curious as to who is involved in WeWhale? Visit our dedicated page to discover more about the organisation’s team, who are passionate about whale awareness and protection.

Company Info

WeWhale is a registered company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a regional office in Cádiz, Spain and its subsidiary WeWhale Canarias S.L. in Lanzarote. Our registered address is 151 Thomas St, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 PY5E, Ireland and Calle la graciosa numero 4 piso 18, 35510, Puerto del Carmen, Tías, Lanzarote.

Our CEO and Founder is Janek Andre.