WeWhale encourages society to engage with whales and dolphins by offering unforgettable whale observation experiences which directly contribute to cetacean protection.

Our tour guests get to experience seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitats and to feel connected with the marine mammals. At all times, our processes and philosophy are focused on not causing disturbance or harm to cetaceans or to the precious marine ecosystem.

The company developed out of its sister organisation, WeWhale Association, with the aim of providing eco-friendly and responsible whale observation tours. WeWhale currently has a team across three European countries – Ireland, Spain and Germany.

The first WeWhale eco tour is based out of Barbate, Spain. Our model is to create whale watching experiences in locations around the world, through a combination of franchise-based operators and company owned vessels.

WeWhale eco tours are 100% silent, 100% emission-free and 100% personalised. Every eco tour that is purchased by our customers directly helps whale protection and awareness, as a proportion of our profits is distributed to the work undertaken by WeWhale Association.

Our Mission

To provide whale-friendly, eco-friendly and C02 neutral whale watching experiences that enrich the lives of people who participate. And to create global whale awareness and actively contribute to cetacean protection.

Our Vision

WeWhale as a global leader in responsible, eco-friendly whale watching. Promoting an ocean environment in which whales (and other marine mammals) can live fully unharmed by human actions, and can thrive.

Our Charter

Our organisation is guided by the below charter:

  1. Environmentally friendly propulsion (wind, green electricity, green hydrogen)
  2. Small tour groups
  3. Providing marine biology information to our tours, and to the wider public
  4. CO2 neutral
  5. No marine rubbish
  6. Silent tours – no noise that disturbs cetaceans
  7. Respecting the seasonal habits of our ocean’s animals
  8. Causing no harm or danger to animals
  9. Providing expert support
  10. Certification

Meet Our Team

Curious as to who is involved in WeWhale? Visit our dedicated page to discover more about the organisation’s team, who are passionate about whale awareness and protection.

Company Info

WeWhale is a registered company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with a regional office in Cádiz, Spain and its subsidiary WeWhale Canarias S.L. in Lanzarote. Our registered address is 151 Thomas St, The Liberties, Dublin, D08 PY5E, Ireland and Calle la graciosa numero 4 piso 18, 35510, Puerto del Carmen, Tías, Lanzarote.

Our CEO and Founder is Janek Andre.