Meet Our Team

The WeWhale team all come to the project because of their deep interest in conserving and protecting whales. And they are all passionate about providing an eco-friendly, whale-friendly experience for those who wish to observe our ocean giants. Find out more about our team below.


Janek Andre

Founder & CEO

Born in Germany and living in Spain for more than 10 years, Janek is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of setting up various international businesses and enabling them to grow.
He founded WeWhale based on his deep admiration for whales and dolphins and his belief that whale watching and observation are key in helping people understand more about these magnificent animals.

What does WeWhale mean to you?

I’ve been fascinated by whales since childhood and even my first drawing as a child was an Orca.
Creating the first completely emission free and silent whale watching/observation fleet bringing whales and dolphins closer to humans, making people aware of their existence, and protecting them with our separate protection projects, together with the like-minded WeWhale team, is an extreme honour for me.

Lisa Jewell

Communications Manager

Lisa lives in Dublin, Ireland, and began her career as a journalist and editor, subsequently moving into various roles in communications, marketing and project management. She has worked on communication and education projects with different marine sector organisations in Ireland. She loves to incorporate whale watching opportunities into holidays, at home or abroad!

What does WeWhale mean to you?

Working together and sharing a vision to bring more awareness and protection to our ocean’s whales and dolphins. Leading the way forward in responsible, eco-friendly whale watching and building a community of like-minded people with deep appreciation for whales.

Tadeo Fittipaldi

Project Manager (Nautical Operations)

Born in Argentina, Tadeo has been living in Spain for seven years. He has travelled a lot throughout his life for work and pleasure. He loves spending time in nature, and enjoys sailing, diving and skiing.

What does WeWhale mean to you?

WeWhale for me has the perfect balance between being a family and tourism and a totally environmentally friendly and sustainable agency. When I was given the opportunity to do my bit for this cause, I did not hesitate for a second. I think that balance today is not easy to find.

Board Members

Benjamin Broll

Benjamin is the Managing Director Technology at NEXT Munich and is responsible for operations and technology. Benjamin has a 20+ year track record as a founder and technologist, specifically focusing on all things mobile. Outside of the business world, Benjamin is married and is a proud father to his daughter.

What does WeWhale mean to you?

WeWhale combines environmental protection and animal welfare, two topics that are very dear to my heart. I am glad that I am able to support these causes, making the world a tiny bit of a better place!

Thomas Garanin

Thomas is the Managing Director of NEXT Munich and has run digital businesses for more than 20 years. Nowadays, he prefers business models closer related to nature, very much likes to hang out with his family and enjoys playing tennis.

What does WeWhale mean to you?

WeWhale has purpose, potential and is also a source of enjoyment and fulfilment. As climate change is the most pressing issue we face, we need to do all we can to help protect our environment including our marine ecosystems, and whales play a vital role in that. The potential for WeWhale with its eco-friendly whale watching offerings is great – it’s operating in a highly fragmented market that isn’t currently focusing on ecology and sustainability issues in an impactful way.

Lutz Nagel

Lutz is currently Vice President Finance of FlixBus, a European scale-up based in Germany. Previous to this role, he was responsible for finance in several small and medium sized companies, particularly in the media sector.

He completed his Executive MBA at IESE Business School. Outside of the business world, Lutz is married and has a daughter, who recently turned three.

What does WeWhale mean to you?

I love the start-up spirit and I also love the sea and this brings both of those together in one exciting project. I got to know Janek and we both felt we needed to do something together. There are lots of very good reasons to be part of the WeWhale journey and WeWhale team.