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The WeWhale Pod Episode 14 – Filipa Samarra

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is marine mammal biologist Dr Filipa Samarra, Lead Investigator of the Icelandic Orca Project

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April 2024 WeWhale Sightings

April 2024 WeWhale Sightings Report

Check out the April 2024 WeWhale sightings report for Lanzarote and Tenerife, featuring whale and dolphin species spotted during the month.

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whale migration

The Great Migrators

Whales travel tens of thousands of kilometres during their lifetime, to find food and to breed. Find out more about whale migration in our blog.

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Terry Wolkowicz

The WeWhale Pod Episode 15 – Terry Wolkowicz

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Terry Wolkowicz, Co-Founder of non profit organisation Sound Explorations.

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sei whale

Deep dive…into Sei whales

The third largest whale species after blue whales and fin whales, sei whales are usually observed alone or in small groups.  

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Filipa Samarra

The WeWhale Pod Episode 14 – Filipa Samarra

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is marine mammal biologist Dr Filipa Samarra, Lead Investigator of the Icelandic Orca Project

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Cuvier's beaked whale

Deep dive…into Cuvier’s beaked whales

The Cuvier’s beaked whale is one of the larger members of the beaked whale family and is found in most oceans and seas around the world.

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Naomi Rose

The WeWhale Pod Episode 13 – Naomi Rose

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Naomi Rose, senior scientist for the Animal Welfare Institute (marine mammal biology).  

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Deep dive…into Bottlenose dolphins

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most well-studied marine mammals in the wild. It weighs c.200kg and measures up to four metres long.

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Whale and dolphin sanctuaries

Deep Dive…into Whale and Dolphin Sanctuaries

Providing protection for whales and dolphins and acting as havens for formerly captive cetaceans, sanctuaries play a vital role.

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bowhead whale

Deep dive…into Bowhead whales

Living exclusively in the Arctic region, the bowhead whale is the longest-living mammal on earth (living up to 200 years of age).

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David C. Holroyd

The WeWhale Pod Episode 12 – David C. Holroyd

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is David C. Holroyd, dolphin trainer turned animal activist.

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Whales That Made a Mark on the World: Tilikum

In our fifth and final blog on whales who’ve captured the attention of the world and the hearts of people, we take a closer look at Tilikum.

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Atlantic spotted dolphins

Deep dive…into Atlantic spotted dolphins

Fast swimmers who are often active at the ocean’s surface, Atlantic spotted dolphins are found across most of the warm Atlantic.  

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Billy Heaney

The WeWhale Pod Episode 11 – Billy Heaney

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Billy Heaney, zoologist, wildlife presenter and filmmaker.

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beluga whale

Deep dive…into Beluga whales

One of the smallest species of whale, the beluga whale belongs to the family Monodontidae, along with the narwhal.  

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Vanessa Pirotta

The WeWhale Pod Episode 10 – Dr Vanessa Pirotta

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Dr Vanessa Pirotta, wildlife scientist and science communicator

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Risso's dolphins

Deep dive…into Risso’s dolphins

Tending to inhabit deep offshore waters, Risso’s dolphins are the fifth largest member of the family Delphinidae.

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Bryde's whales

Deep dive…into Bryde’s whales 

Bryde's whales, found in warm temperate, subtropical and tropical waters are considered one of the ‘great whales’.

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Finn van der Aar

The WeWhale Pod Episode 9 – Finn van der Aar

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Finn van der Aar. She is a marine scientist, sustainability expert and best selling author.

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Why Is The Ocean So Important

7 Reasons Why The Ocean Is So Important

Celebrating our ocean and its importance on World Ocean Day. And advocating why we need do all in our power to protect our ocean.

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How to Speak Whale

How to Speak Whale: A Voyage into the Future of Animal Communication

In How to Speak Whale, Tom Mustill explores the world of whales and dolphins and the fascinating people that seek to understand them

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Common dolphin

Deep dive into…Common dolphins

The common dolphin is often spotted in large groups and is very sociable. Fast in the water, it regularly reaches speeds of up to 55 km p.h.

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Hanne Strager

The WeWhale Pod Episode 8 – Hanne Strager

This episode's guest is Hanne Strager, biologist, whale researcher and author of The Killer Whale Journals: Our Love and Fear of Orcas.

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Soundings: Journeys in the Company of Whales

In Soundings, Doreen Cunningham writes about the deep connection that exists for many people around the world to these unique creatures.

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Nadea Nabilla

The WeWhale Pod Episode 7 – Nadea Nabilla

Nadea Nabilla is Co-founder of Azura Indonesia, which focuses on converting traditional Indonesian fishing boats to being 100% solar powered.

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Thames Whale

Whales That Made a Mark on the World: The Thames Whale

In January 2006, a northern bottlenose whale appeared in the river in central London. Find out more about the famous Thames Whale.

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right whales

Deep dive…into Right whales

Right whales have three different species – the North Atlantic right whale, the North Pacific right whale and the Southern right whale.

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Jennifer Lonsdale

The WeWhale Pod Episode 6 – Jennifer Lonsdale

This episode's guest is Jennifer Lonsdale, co-founder of the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), which is an international NGO.

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whale watching destinations

The WeWhale Guide to Whale Watching Destinations Around the World

We’ve put together 12 top whale watching destinations around the world. Learn about the species you can see and the best time of year to go.

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Alex Lewis

The WeWhale Pod Episode 5 – Alex Lewis

Our guest for this episode is Alex Lewis, co-founder of Fins and Fluke, a non-profit which campaigns on the plight of captive cetaceans.

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Minke whale

Deep dive…into Minke whales

The minke whale is the second smallest member of the baleen family, growing to a maximum of 10 metres long and weighing up to nine tonnes.

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Femke den Haas

The WeWhale Pod Episode 4 – Femke den Haas

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Femke den Haas, Indonesia Campaign Director for Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

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Humpback whales

Deep dive…into Humpback whales

Humpback whales make one of the longest migrations of all animals. Individuals travel up to 8,000 kms between feeding and breeding grounds. 

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Whales That Made a Mark on the World: Keiko

Captured in Iceland and held in aquariums and theme parks for 18 years, Keiko captivated hearts and minds when he appeared in Free Willy.

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Mariano Sironi

The WeWhale Pod Episode 3 – Mariano Sironi

Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Dr Mariano Sironi, Scientific Director of the Instituto de Conservación de Ballenas.

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Deep dive…into Narwhals

Best known for their unusual tusks, narwhals (Monodon monoceros) are medium sized toothed whales that are only found in Arctic waters.

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Aine-lisa Shannon

The WeWhale Pod Episode 2 – Áine-lisa Shannon

The WeWhale Pod, a podcast diving into stories beneath our oceans. This episode's guest is marine biologist and science communicator Áine-lisa Shannon.

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Whale Protection Documentaries

Passionate about whale protection? Five documentaries you need to see…

Want to educate yourself about whales and the issues they face around the world? See our top recommendations for whale protection documentaries.

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Harry Eckman

The WeWhale Pod Episode 1 – Harry Eckman, CEO of the World Cetacean Alliance

The WeWhale Pod, a podcast diving into stories beneath our oceans. This episode's guest is Harry Eckman, CEO of the World Cetacean Alliance.

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Strait of Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar as a habitat

The Strait of Gibraltar is one of the most extraordinary habitats for fish and marine mammals in the world.

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International Whaling Commission

WeWhale at the International Whaling Commission Meeting 2022

WeWhale was delighted to be invited as an Observer to the 68th International Whaling Commission (IWC) Meeting in Portorož, Slovenia.

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Grey whales

Deep dive…into Grey whales

Grey whales make one of the longest annual migrations of any mammal, travelling between 15,000 and 20,000 kilometres.

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Pelagos Sanctuary

The Pelagos Sanctuary: Protecting Cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea

Learn more about the Pelagos Sanctuary, a vital conservation area for cetaceans located offshore the coasts of Italy, France and Monaco.

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Whales That Made a Mark on the World: Migaloo

Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 off Byron Bay, Australia. The humpback whale is famous because of his rare all-white appearance.

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Whales climate protection

How do whales and dolphins help to protect the climate?

Various studies draw our attention to the great added value of whales and dolphins in terms of climate protection.

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Sperm whale

Deep dive…into Sperm whales

Sperm whales have the largest brain of all animals on earth. They're quite mysterious as they live out in the deep ocean, far from land.

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Penn Cove capture - Tokitae

Whales That Made a Mark on the World: Tokitae (Lolita)

A young orca known as Tokitae (or Lolita) was taken from Puget Sound more than half a century ago and sold to a U.S. seaquarium.

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Pilot whales

Deep dive…into Pilot whales

Pilot whales are often called "the cheetahs of the deep sea", are highly sociable, and travel in large pods.

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Composite image of five books on whale protection

Passionate about whale protection? Five books you need to read…

We’ve gathered five of our favourite titles, each covering different areas of whale awareness and protection. Read on to get the lowdown.

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Blue whale underwater in Indian Ocean

Deep dive…into Blue whales

The largest animal ever to live on earth, the blue whale rules the ocean.

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world of whales - orca preying on a newborn sea lion pup - Peninsula Valdes, Argentina

The Wonderful World of Whales

The lives of whales are truly fascinating. Here are five facts you probably didn't know!

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fin whales

Deep dive…into Fin whales

The second largest animal on earth, the fin whale is called the 'greyhound of the sea' for good reason.

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Deep dive…into Orcas

The Orca (scientific name: Orcinus orca) is classified as a toothed whale due to its suborder, but its specific family is Delphinidae, making the species oceanic dolphins.

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responsible whale watching

What is responsible whale watching?

The purpose of whale watching is to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, keeping a respectful distance and not interfering with natural behaviour.

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