Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Billy Heaney, zoologist, wildlife presenter and filmmaker.

Billy talks about his path to becoming a zoologist, his time spent researching grey seals in Cornwall, and his film ‘In Search of the Killer Whale’ which captures a pretty spontaneous trip he and two friends made to see orcas in the wild in Iceland.

He also chats about his work with Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s campaign ‘EndCaptivityForever’. While dolphinariums have been closed in the UK since 1993, they aren’t actually illegal in the country. The campaign seeks to make them illegal, meaning they can never happen again.

Billy also talks about ending whaling and the need for more ocean sanctuaries for whales and dolphins.

Take a listen to the episode below:

You can find out more about Billy’s work on his website and Instagram.

Thanks to Skalaa Music for post-production.

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