Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Terry Wolkowicz, Co-Founder and Educational Director of non profit organisation Sound Explorations.

Terry, who is based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, talks about the educational mission of the organisation. She also dives into one project in particular, Whales in Motion: A Musical and Sculptural Experience for the Blind and Visually Impaired. It combines tactile sculptures and live performance by musicians to facilitate blind and visually impaired people understanding and experiencing how whales move through the water and how they forage.

Terry also chats about the work going on in her local area to help Northern Atlantic right whales migrating off the coast of Massachusetts,  and the children’s book she co-wrote with colleague David McKenzie called ‘Right Whale, Wrong Letter’.

She also describes having the opportunity to help researchers to tag humpback whales and how that experience deeply changed her.

Take a listen to the episode below:

You can find out more about the work of Sound Explorations on their website, soundexplorations.org. And check out this video of the Whales in Motion event at Boston’s Museum of Science for Massachusetts Right Whale Day.

Thanks to Skalaa Music for post-production.

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