WeWhale was delighted to take part again this year in Empty the Tanks, the worldwide protest against captivity of dolphins and whales.  

We organised a rally at Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park in Lanzarote on Saturday 11 May, where fellow dolphin and whale lovers joined us to protest and bring awareness to the vital issue.  

This is the eleventh year of Empty the Tanks, which is also marked online with photos and videos on social media. Both Empty the Tanks and Dolphin Project shared images and videos from protests around the world to remind us that we’re still united in this important cause. 

We look forward to a day when these kinds of protests are no longer needed – when the captivity of whales and dolphins by humans no longer exists. Until then, we’re committed to keeping the pressure on companies who imprison marine animals that belong in the wild.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the day and also those who supported the cause online.  Learn more about Empty the Tanks