Our guest for this episode of The WeWhale Pod is Alex Lewis.

Alex is a co-founder of Fins and Fluke, a cetacean advocacy non-profit established in 2012 which particularly focuses attention on the plight of captive whales and dolphins.

Amongst the topics, Alex talks about how watching the documentary The Cove moved her to become an anti captivity activist for whales and dolphins and how social media is really helping to spread the word about the plight of captive cetaceans.

She also chats about how marine parks in the U.S. are seeing their entry numbers drop, as public sentiment continues to change. And she says, “I cannot wait to see them close their doors forever!”

You can find out more about Fins and Fluke’s work on  Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to Skalaa Music for post-production.

Take a listen to the episode below:

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