WeWhale is thrilled to announce the launch of its new merchandise line which will directly help whale and dolphin protection projects.  

The merchandise is now available on the WeWhale website at wewhale.co/shop.

Founder of WeWhale, Janek Andre, said, “At WeWhale, we work to make a positive impact on the lives of whales and dolphins, and we believe that every individual has the power to contribute. 

“Our merchandise line is unique because 100% of the profits generated go directly to whale and dolphin protection projects. With every purchase customers make, they’ll be contributing to the conservation of these magnificent animals and their habitat.” 

There’s something for everyone in the WeWhale merchandise line – from comfortable and stylish T-shirts to cosy hoodies and elegant jumpers. The organisation will soon be adding essential accessories to the online shop.  


WeWhale aims to be completely transparent with its customers and community and that’s why they openly share how they calculate the price of the products, exactly how the costs are distributed and how each euro is allocated. You can find all the details on the Price Transparency page of the site. 

The whale and dolphin projects being supported are of vital importance. Among them is the development of an innovative system that helps prevent collisions between vessels and cetaceans, as well as the creation of a sanctuary where captured marine mammals can be released and returned to their natural home.   

Check out the WeWhale online shop