WeWhale is delighted to announce Agua NEA as the exclusive water partner for its whale observation vessels.  

WeWhale encourages society to engage with whales and dolphins by offering whale observation experiences which directly contribute to cetacean protection. The company is building the world’s first fleet for whale and dolphin watching that is free from noise and emissions, and has responsible whale watching at its very core. 

Water is often consumed in water bottles which regularly end up in landfill waste and are found floating in the ocean, endangering marine wildlife and also leading to microplastics entering the ocean ecosystem.  

To combat this, Agua NEA packages its water in aluminium cans. Aluminium is an infinitely recyclable metal so each of the cans can be converted into another can an infinite number of times.  

In addition, Agua NEA gives back to the environment as for every photo a customer takes with their can and uploads to Instagram, the company plants a coral in the customer’s name. They have already planted more than 1,850 corals in the Pacific and Mediterranean, and continue expanding their impact to more locations.  

Agua NEA

Founder of WeWhale, Janek Andre, said, “We are very excited to work with Agua NEA as our exclusive water partner and for guests on our experiences to enjoy a refreshing drink, knowing that it is also good for the environment. 

“As a company that puts the environment and the ocean at the very heart of what we do, we’re really happy to be working with Agua NEA who are very much aligned with those goals. And we look forward to seeing many corals being planted as a result of our partnership.” 

Founder of Agua NEA, Alex Dakov, said, “We are incredibly happy to support conscious companies that try to approach Ocean conservation through education and inspirational experiences. The world needs more opportunities to experience connection to nature and all of its biodiversity in a sustainable way.”