WeWhale is delighted to announce that Tenerife-based Whale Wise Eco Tours (WWET) has become part of the WeWhale family.  

Over the past few months, the two companies have worked together to remodel the WWET boat ‘Esiel’, a 37 feet motorboat made specifically for whale and dolphin watching, including taking on WeWhale branding and updating its hybrid-electric drive technology to reduce noise and environmental pollution.

This technology brings several advantages, including enhanced wildlife interaction, improved fuel efficiency, cleaner air and water, and increased sustainability.  

The operation in Tenerife, based in “Los Gigantes”, facilitates visitors to experience the marine area off the west coast of the island, which is a Whale Heritage Site and one of the best places in the world for watching whales and dolphins all year round. Tenerife is the third location WeWhale is now operating in after being present in the Strait of Gibraltar and Lanzarote.  

Founder of WeWhale, Janek Andre, said, “We are really excited that Whale Wise Eco Tours is joining the WeWhale family and look forward to what we will do together in the years ahead. The team in Tenerife, led by Mercedes, has created a wonderful experience for everyone who comes on board, balanced with deep care for cetaceans and for the marine environment.” 

“Tenerife, with more than 20 different cetacean species, is one of the most important whale and dolphin watching spots in the word and this development marks a milestone in our young organisation’s history.” 

Managing Director Tenerife & Head of Cetacean Conservation, Mercedes Reyes, said, “Coming together with WeWhale marks an exciting next step for what we are doing in Tenerife, providing sustainable and responsible experiences for people observing whales and dolphins and also furthering the understanding of cetacean behaviour and communication. We are very happy to join WeWhale, an organisation that shares the same mission and values as we have.” 

WeWhale Tenerife

Tenerife counts more whale watching vessels than any other island in Spain. WeWhale and its team around Managing Director Tenerife & Head of Cetacean Conservation, Mercedes Reyes (former Founder of WWET), wants to set an example in Tenerife by encouraging more whale watching operators to switch to fully electric or hybrid boats in order to minimise the noise impact for cetaceans who are highly sensitive to engine noise.  

Furthermore, dirty oils, smells and lubricants are avoided allowing a cleaner experience for customers and no more contaminants landing in the ocean.