We’re delighted to launch a new website for WeWhale Association, the sister organisation of WeWhale.co. The website – at www.wewhale.org – showcases the many projects that are being undertaken with the mission of creating awareness and protection for the cetaceans of the world.  

These projects are:  

End Irresponsible Whale and Dolphin Watching Practices
Irresponsible whale and dolphin watching practices harm cetaceans and their environment. We expose companies not following regulations and we aim to create awareness amongst people so they can recognise irresponsible practices.

Attacks Against Orcas
A vital initiative dedicated to raise awareness about aggressions against the critically endangered Iberian Orca population. We aim to prevent acts of harassment and on receiving reports of harassment or crimes against orcas, we work on legal prosecution.  

Stop Whaling
WeWhale Association is a member of the International Whaling Commission as an NGO observer. The last meeting was held in 2022 in Portoroz, Slovenia. 

End Captivity
WeWhale Association actively participates as a leading member in a European sanctuary dedicated to reintegrating captive dolphins and whales within the EU. This initiative is designed to transition these marine mammals from captivity back to their natural environments in a responsible and ethical manner. 

End Ship Strikes and Animal Injuries
In addition to the technical development of a ship strike prevention system, we expose vessels that do not adhere to local regulations to prevent collisions, thus contributing to the death toll of whales and dolphins. 

More information on each of the projects and how people can help support them is available on the website.  

President of the WeWhale Association, Janek Andre, said, “We’re excited to have a brand new website that highlights our projects and initiatives to a wide audience. Our work is defined by projects that discover, expose, and prosecute wildlife crimes against whales and dolphins, as well as raising awareness among the public and local communities in areas where whales and dolphins play a vital role in the ecosystem.” 

Check out www.wewhale.org for more information.