WeWhale is excited to launch a new conservation programmes section on our website, showcasing three different programmes that passionate whale and dolphin lovers can take part in.

The Lanzarote Conservation Programme has been running since summer 2023 and is now joined by a new Tenerife programme and Iberian Orca programme.

Participants in the Canary Island programmes have the opportunity to be part of a unique movement and mission to make whale observation trips noise and emission free. They are enriching programmes – participants get to experience whales and dolphins in their natural habitat, learn about species and their behaviours, help to create awareness about the challenges they face, compile and build databases about whale and dolphin sightings, and get hands-on experience working with the WeWhale team.

There are plenty more highlights and aspects to the programmes, which can be found on each of the conservation pages.

The Iberian Orca Conservation Programme has been developed in tandem with WeWhale Association’s Save the Iberian Orca project.

The project, running between April and October, sets out to prevent attacks from boaters on the critically endangered Iberian Orca, survey the population, and track and analyse interactions among boats and orca. There is both a sea-based and land-based element to this programme, which participants will be fully involved in.

There are less than 35 Iberian Orcas left in the Strait of Gibraltar, where they are under increased pressure from maritime traffic, pollution and aggressive interactions from recreational boaters. The motivated and determined volunteers on our Iberian Orca Conservation Programme make a real difference in safeguarding this important whale species. Further information about the “Save the Iberian Orca” campaign can also be found at www.save-the-iberian-orca.org

Details on all of WeWhale’s Conservation Programmes, and how to apply, are on our website right now!